Teeth Whitening

Floresville Dental’s teeth whitening is one of the most common kinds of dental procedures. Coffee, soda, food, and even age all take their toll, which is why you can hire our dentist to scrub your teeth to gleaming perfection.

There are several different methods of whitening teeth. Some can be done with over-the-counter medications, though you should go see our cosmetic dentist for the best lasting results. At our dental clinic, we can do same day treatment and see patients of all ages. We’re even open late afternoons and Saturdays.

Before getting our quality teeth whitening service, you should have our professional dental office examine your teeth. We will be able to detect any problems or sensitivities that you might have with a particular method, and find something more appropriate. Another benefit of visiting Floresville Dental in Floresville, TX, is that we provide whitening for life to patients that are 18 and up.